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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Work with the SSPCA

When we say we really care about pets and animals, it’s completely true. This extends to our work with the SSPCA.

Sadly, a litter of puppies arrived into the care of the SSPCA with one of them needing our help. Piper, an 11-week-old puppy at the time, presented with a birth defect called patent duct arteriosus, which affects the blood vessels in the heart.

Due to this defect, there is an extra blood vessel present which, if left untreated, would result in death, usually by the time the pup is just a year old.

We are one of a few centres in Scotland that are able to fix this problem, which involves major surgery – opening the pup’s chest cavity and identifying and closing off the abnormal blood vessel. During the procedure, we have to take over breathing for the pup, because they cannot breathe themselves.

The surgery was performed at our sister practise, CrumPets Vet Clinical Support, and aftercare was provided by our lovely team of vets and nurses at Emergency Vets Glasgow.

This surgery is risky, but we have extensive experience and great success with this procedure. Our follow up examination happily showed a complete cure of the defect and little Piper should go on to lead a happy and healthy life!

Piper's Story

We Care For Humans Too

With this in mind, we have funded the purchase of three cardiac defibrillators, a lifesaving piece of equipment should a person experience cardiac arrest.

One defibrillator is located within Emergency Vets Glasgow, and another is located elsewhere within our local business park, Morris Park. Both of these defibrillators are accessible to the public and are registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service via the GoodSAM website ( The third machine was funded for and is installed at a local primary school, should any of the staff, pupils or visitors need it.

To add to this, Dr Chris is a registered GoodSAM First Responder, ready to be dispatched to help in the event of a human cardiac arrest situation, providing immediate care prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

In the Community

We are proud sponsors of a number of local football teams including Baillieston Thistle 2012 Boys and Baillieston Thistle Men, with plans in the works to help more teams with sponsorship.

Our funds allow the teams to buy their kits each season which alleviates a significant financial load for them and the players.

How to find us

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37 Rosyth Road,
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0141 260 5555
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Opening Hours

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