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In an out-of-hours emergency, please call 0141 260 5555. Open Mon-Fri 6.30pm-9am, Weekends & Holidays 24hrs


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Open Hours: 19:00 to 09:00 on weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends and bank holidays. Phones are answered 24/7, but clinical advice is only available during business hours.

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As a small, family owned business, Emergency Vets Glasgow would like to help explain why up-front payments are a necessary part of emergency services. It’s not always possible for our emergency veterinary practice to communicate with your insurance company in out-of-hours circumstances. As such, we require payment for emergency services when your pet is admitted to the clinic – this is before elective treatments are delivered. We want to emphasise that we will never leave an animal in distress, and we will work with you to find the best course of action should the situation arise.

The vet treating your pet will provide you with an estimated cost of the treatment for your pet, along with alternative options where this is possible. During your pet’s treatment, you will be kept informed of the ongoing fees. This is to ensure that you are aware of developments during treatment and have as much agency and information as possible.

Your insurer will provide you with a claims form, so that you can be reimbursed for the costs associated with emergency treatments for your pet. We are not able to contact your insurance company on your behalf for security reasons, but we can assist you as best we can.

Emergency Vets Glasgow can provide you with the full itemised receipts of treatments delivered, along with any supporting documentation that is necessary to complete your claim.

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