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Coagulation analysis

Coagulation analysis is a sophisticated diagnostic process designed to evaluate the blood’s clotting ability, ensuring precise insights into your pet’s haemostatic status. Coagulation refers to the process by which a blood clot is formed.

We employ coagulation analysis in emergency scenarios to address concerns related to bleeding disorders or abnormal clotting tendencies. This meticulous examination allows us to discern any underlying haematological issues, ensuring prompt and tailored treatments for your pet. Whether your pet has encountered trauma, surgery or presents unexplained bleeding, coagulation analysis becomes a pivotal tool in finding the root cause.

This service allows us to identify deficiencies or abnormalities in clotting factors, platelets or other crucial components of the coagulation cascade (the series of steps that occur during the formation of a blood clot after injury). We can then formulate targeted treatment strategies to manage or rectify coagulation irregularities quickly. This proactive approach is particularly critical in emergency situations, where time sensitivity is paramount.

Our coagulation analysis service is an indispensable diagnostic tool that allows our vets to make informed decisions regarding your pet’s care. By incorporating this advanced technique into our emergency care offering, we increase our ability to deliver precise, effective and timely interventions, assuring the optimal care and recovery of your cherished pet.

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