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EPOC critical care blood gas analyser

We prioritise your pet’s health with advanced technology such as our EPOC critical care blood gas analyser. This sophisticated diagnostic tool provides real-time information about your pet’s blood chemistry, essential for understanding their overall health status during critical moments.

It is a highly efficient blood test, providing information about your pet’s oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH levels and electrolytes. This rapid analysis is crucial for understanding your pet’s overall health status, particularly during emergencies.

We use EPOC critical care blood gas analyser technology to gather immediate insights into your pet’s respiratory and metabolic functions. In an emergency, quick and accurate information can make all the difference. For instance, if your pet is experiencing breathing difficulties or showing signs of distress, EPOC helps our vets identify and address underlying issues promptly. This targeted approach enables us to tailor emergency treatments effectively, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your beloved furry companions.

EPOC critical care blood gas analysis provides on-the-spot information that guides us to making swift and informed decisions to save lives. Your pet’s wellbeing is our top priority, and this technology allows us to deliver the highest standard of critical care when it matters most.

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