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Fresh frozen plasma

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is a specialised treatment that plays a crucial role in stabilising your pet’s health during emergencies. FFP restores essential proteins and clotting factors, aiding in the management of conditions that disrupt normal blood clotting or cause severe blood loss.

This can occur due to trauma, certain diseases or surgeries. FFP serves as a rapid and effective solution, facilitating the stabilisation of your pet’s blood and promoting a swifter recovery.

By administering this specialised blood product, our veterinary team can address coagulation issues promptly, minimising the risks associated with excessive bleeding or clotting disorders. The proteins in FFP are what aid in maintaining the balance of your pet’s blood, promoting healing and enhancing their overall chances of a successful recovery.

Our use of FFP allows us to address coagulation issues promptly, ensuring the best possible outcome for your pet. Your pet’s health is our priority, and FFP allows us to provide advanced and efficient treatments to ensure their optimal wellbeing during emergencies.

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