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Point-of-care diagnostic tests

Our on-site diagnostic testing ensures swift and targeted assessments of your pet’s health. With rapid results available during critical moments, we can provide immediate care and tailored treatment plans to address your pet’s needs effectively.

At EVG, we use point-of-care diagnostic tests (including lactate, canine cardiac troponin-I, feline pro-BNP, progesterone and cortisol) to quickly gather vital information about your pet’s health status, facilitating immediate and informed decision-making. This approach is particularly valuable in emergency situations, where speedy responses are essential. For instance, if your pet exhibits signs of illness or distress, these tests help us assess key indicators such as blood values, allowing us to identify potential issues instantly.

This convenient service enables us to perform crucial assessments without delays associated with sending samples to external laboratories. This expedites the diagnostic process, enabling us to provide timely and tailored care for your pet. Whether it’s assessing organ function, detecting infections or evaluating critical blood parameters, our point-of-care diagnostic tests enhance our ability to address your pet’s immediate health needs.

Offering rapid insights that guide our vets in delivering speedy and effective treatments, point-of-care diagnostic tests are a hugely important tool in our arsenal. Your pet’s wellbeing is our top priority, and with this service we can act swiftly to address their unique health concerns.

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We have particular expertise in the emergency treatment of dogs and cats. Get in touch to find out more.